CAA Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Permission

Drone Photography Limited possess the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Operational Authority (formerly PfCO) operator number 1930. Which means as an approved commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), we are governed and regulated by the CAA. The OA is a recognition of formal training for flying drones for commercial purposes in the United Kingdom, along with specific drone public liability insurance. It is the basis of the drone photography laws in the UK.


Safety is paramount and we follow strict procedures as laid down in our Operations Manual which has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A detailed online pre-flight survey with location check is carried out. This includes airspace restrictions, nearby airports and no fly zones to see if there are any flight restrictions we need to be aware of. Each aerial photography job is risk assessed on an individual basis in accordance with our CAA approved operations manual.


We cary out a number of checks and procedures prior to any drone flight or operations. 

Airspace Checks

If operating in controlled air space and busy areas, we contact the relevant local Air Traffic Controller and the relevant authorities to advise them of our flying activity.

Weather Checks

All flights are subject to suitable weather conditions. The Pilot will assess the conditions prior to the flight and a judgement will be made as to whether it is safe to fly.

Airspace Checks

We need to obtain the permission of the land owner prior to take off
and landing.

Insurance & Qualifications

We are fully insured for public liability cover (£5 million) for aerial projects. Our pilot and operator has CAA Operational Authority for Commercial Operations Company number 1930. Sub 20 kg SUA Multirotor. We are a member of the Drone Safe Register – a register of CAA qualified drone pilots throughout the UK.

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